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Expert seller and buyer services for Main Street and Middle Market businesses to help clients transition with confidence to their next adventure.

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Backed by an extraordinary network of industry resources, digital marketing tools, and proven systems, The Bay Advisors, Business Brokers in Concord, work with small business owners and entrepreneurs throughout California and across the United States, providing expertise to businesses with sales of $500K– $1M, and those with sales of $2M–$10M. We find qualified business buyers and handle the entire selling process from pre-sale preparation and pricing, to listing, marketing, negotiations, due diligence, and close of sale. We specialize in business valuations in the Bay Area and beyond to ensure a great experience. 

We care first and foremost about our clients, developing relationships based on honesty and hard work, employing extensive industry experience and a winning approach from our very first meeting through the transfer of ownership and the celebration of our clients’ dreams.

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Business valuation is the process of determining the economic value of a business, that is, what a business is worth and its realistic selling price. The Bay Advisors spend a good deal of time up front, researching and calculating accurate valuations, mindful of the emotional nature of selling a business, while establishing reasonable expectations. We specialize in Bay Area Business Valuation. 


Strict confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of selling a business. From our first client meeting when discussing the history and health of a business, through marketing, due diligence, and closing, The Bay Advisors, Business Brokers in Sacramento, guard against outside discovery and influence. Clients should expect nothing less from an experienced business broker.


The Bay Advisors are 100% committed to our clients, skillfully negotiating for the very best price for their businesses, and by extension, their futures. We handle the complex and time consuming details of the negotiations, including price, payment structure, and post-sale involvement—across time zones and geographical locations — while our clients continue to run their daily operations.


The Bay Advisors take the lead on the due diligence process, managing and handling all prospective buyer requests for documents and data about the business for sale. We follow up on all legal and financial matters during the lengthy and sensitive investigative process, advocating for our seller client at every turn to ensure a successful and profitable closing.



The Bay Advisors, Business Brokers in the Bay Area, stay up to date on businesses for sale in California and across the United States, giving us the ability to quickly alert buyer clients to listings that meet their criteria. Additionally, we have the connections and screening tools to inquire about businesses and their growth potential to help buyers make informed decisions about pursuing a purchase.



When a buyer client sees a business opportunity, The Bay Advisors do the research and guide our client toward a sound and competitive offer, including purchase price and payment terms. If counter offers are proffered, we negotiate, leveraging our expertise in both selling and buying businesses to reach agreements to secure the business at the best possible price and terms for our client.



During the offer and after acceptance, we continue to facilitate negotiations on behalf of our buyer client, working to bridge the gaps between the parties to ensure a smooth transaction. We handle the complex and time consuming details of the negotiations; guide our client on the legal requirements in the business purchase process; and offer advice on financing options.



We engage a third-party escrow company to hold and distribute funds, file official paperwork such as Bulk Sale notices and obtain necessary clearances for the business being purchased. The Bay Advisors, Business Broker in Fremont.

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Antoinette's Story.

Antoinette Gonzales Norris | Business Broker Bay Area

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Antoinette Gonzales Norris is a professional business broker in the Bay Area with more than 25 years of experience in business, both in leadership positions and as a business owner. In 2023, Antoinette was recognized by the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) as a Top Performing Broker and awarded one of IBBA’s highest honors, the Chairman’s Circle Award, which recognizes those who closed one or more business deals amounting to $3M+ in total purchase price during the previous calendar year.

Selling can be an emotional and stressful process. With honesty and great respect, Antoinette makes it clear, from the very first meeting, that she is there to help her clients realize success if their expectations are realistic. In an industry of extremes, she has gained a reputation for trustworthiness and excellence among her clients and colleagues among business brokers in the Bay Area. 

“I’ve always loved helping people, and what appeals to me most as a broker is working directly with business owners and assuring them that their dreams can happen. I’ve sold a thriving business, so I know the landscape and what sellers can expect during the journey ahead. I help them navigate the complexities of selling a business, blending brokerage expertise with a compassionate approach that represents the very best of what my industry can be.”
Antoinette Gonzales Norris
Bay Area Business Broker, The Bay Advisors
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Why Engage The Bay Advisors?

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Bay Advisors, business brokers in the Bay Area CA, serve clients throughout California’s 58 counties and across the five regions of the United States, mindful of the diversity of regional economies and their distinctive business challenges and opportunities. Through experience and reputation, we are well connected with buyers in the high-tech industry; partners looking to invest in businesses; and first-time buyers looking to make the smart, informed choice.

Our front end focus on quality business valuation and realistic seller client expectations -— which goes beyond standard practice — allows us to enjoy a 90% close rate, benefiting our clients and far exceeding the industry average. The Bay Advisors, business broker in San Jose, handles the entire planning process and successful sale of your business—for the best price—while you continue to run the day-to-day operations.

~The Bay Advisors, Business Brokerage in San Jose

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Planning the sale of a business is both exciting and bittersweet. You’ve worked hard to get to this point in life, and now there are life changing decisions to make. I know this from my own experiences building my former company from the ground up, and then selling it for new personal and professional opportunities.

A few variables should be considered when determining the value of a business. Buyers look at the company’s ability to generate future income. Other variables to consider might be the value of the equipment, inventory, and profitability patterns. A broker can help you review market trends and comparables to determine how much your business is worth. The Bay Advisors, Business Brokers in Sacramento, specialize in Bay Area Business Valuation. 

If you want to sell your business quickly, there are a few things to consider. A successful and timely sale occurs when the seller is realistic about the price of the business, flexible with financing terms, and has historical financials. A broker will help you set the right price for your business based on the market and other factors. If you’re looking for business brokers in Concord, we have experience. 

Owners sell their businesses for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is retirement, but a lot of times burnout, family obligations, or the desire to do something different arise. It is important to time the sale of your business prior to the point at which you must sell it. A successful sale is more likely when the business is growing. If you’re considering selling your business in Sacramento, The Bay Advisors can help. We are a well known Sacramento Business Broker.

Business brokers are paid a commission or “success fee” when an offer is brought to the seller, or the business is closed in escrow. A flat fee can be charged for businesses that are priced under $100,000. The Bay Advisors, Business Brokers in San Jose, CA, have strong experience in the Bay Area. When choosing a Business Broker in San Jose, CA, think of the Bay Advisors. 

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