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Amazon Routes for Sale – $1.1M in Net Profit

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Amazon Routes for Sale – $1.1M in Net Profit


Sales $7,500,000

Profit $1,140,578

Price $3,000,000

This profitable and efficient operation has three managers in place to run the daily deliveries. This Amazon business has been awarded Top Amazon DSP several times and is one of the top 1% of Amazon contractors.

They have clean tax returns and profit and loss statements that are available and show strong profit margins. The owner has been in business for over 4 years with strong domain expertise. They have an excellent batch of drivers and managers, and they are a preferred high-volume partner to Amazon. Sales: 2021 – $5,849,753 Sales: 2022 – $5,570,718

Trucks included are part of the Amazon full-service lease program, which reduces variable truck expenses.

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