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Award Winning FedEx Routes, Semi-Absentee Run

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Award Winning FedEx Routes, Semi-Absentee Run


Sales $1,766,619
Profit $496,857
Price $2,400,000

These award winning FEDEX routes have a good fleet, reliable drivers, and long-term managers. This business has won Safety Awards, Best in Business Award, and other FedEx Entrepreneurial Awards. This fast-growing FEDEX delivery business comes with 15 routes and 17 Trucks. 

Well-trained staff with two full-time managers make it easier for the new owner to make this transition a smoother experience. Existing partner will also help in transition of routes to new owner as this is a carve out of routes from an existing contractor.

  • This operation comes with a complete fleet of trucks. The fleet is well maintained and come free and clear to new owner.
  • Value of the fleet included in price of business.
  • Experienced contractor for 15 years
  • Dense, suburban territory offers low daily miles.

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