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Selling a business and strict confidentiality go together from the very beginning of the sales process, from our first meeting when discussing the history and health of your business, through marketing, due diligence, and closing. To provide you with a qualified valuation of your business, we’ll ask you for three years of profit and lost statements and tax returns, among other financial documents. Because we adhere to strict confidentiality, we always sign a non-disclosure agreement before meeting with you. You should expect nothing less from any experienced business broker.

Selling a business is not like selling a house. When you sell a house, your realtor will list your house on the MLS, where everyone—neighbors and friends—can see the price and the inside of your home. It’s all about promotion. This is not the case with a business, which is all about discretion.

When you choose The Bay Advisors, you’ll find we are 100% committed to you, negotiating for the very best price for your business and handling the complex and time consuming details while you continue to run the daily operations of your business.

Confidential Advertising
Once your business is listed with The Bay Advisors, your business name is not advertised to the public. Ads are generic: We write about sales, net profit, employees, and the general region in which your business is for sale, among other details. When prospective buyers express an interest in your business, they are asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and we prescreen those buyers to understand their background and ensure that they have sufficient funds for the deal.

Confidential Meetings
After we have discussions with potential buyers and share financials with them, we set up meetings with you and buyers. Initial meetings might be conference or video calls, but eventually the serious buyer will want to see your business and meet you face-to-face. It is critical that this meeting be scheduled in a location away from customers and employees. It’s vital that your business continue to run smoothly and without distractions to maintain customer sales and employee loyalty.

Confidential Negotiations
Once you receive an offer, you’ll need to keep your negotiations and discussions with potential buyers private, and not allow any information about the sale to leak out to the public. Negotiations are a delicate process that should remain private. Leaks can compromise your best interests and those of the buyer. This will help to ensure that you get the best price for your business and that it is sold in a timely manner.

Buyer Training
You might find that the buyer wants to train with you on your company site before the transfer date. While we want the buyer to feel confident and ready, we don’t want word of an impending sale to leak out before all funds are in escrow. To sell the business with minimal issues, it is best to start training after the business transfers.

Timing of the announcement
Finally, you’ve been working with your employees and customers for years, and we understand your commitment to them. We’ve all worked hard together and with the new buyer to get this transaction to the finish line, and you’re so close. Still, announcements about the change in ownership should be made only after the close of escrow.

The Bay Advisors uses cutting-edge, digital marketing tools and techniques to find qualified buyers for your company, with a comprehensive network of industry resources and proven systems in place to handle the sale of your company from meeting with you to determine business valuation, through transfer of ownership and celebration of your dream.

Our commitment to you is the successful sale of your business so you can transition with confidence to your next adventure.

Please contact us [for a complimentary consultation] and prepare to reimagine your future.


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