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What is Your Business Valuation?

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What is Your Business Valuation?

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Selling your business is a deeply personal decision, often wrought with stress and emotion. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and you want to ensure your financial future, and that of others who matter to you. The valuation of your business—the price someone will pay for your business—is one of several determining factors in your decision to sell.

There are three approaches we could take to determine the realistic value of your business.

• The Market Approach uses market data to determine the value of your business based upon the recent sales prices of comparable businesses.

• The Income Approach considers the current revenue, expenses, and growth potential of your business to estimate future cash flow.

• The Asset-based Approach determines the value of your business based upon existing assets, such as equipment, inventory, and property.

The Bay Advisors uses cutting-edge, digital marketing tools and techniques to find qualified buyers for your company, with a comprehensive network of industry resources and proven systems in place to handle the sale of your company from meeting with you to determine business valuation, through transfer of ownership and celebration of your dream.

Our commitment to you is the successful sale of your business so you can transition with confidence to your next adventure.

Please contact us [for a complimentary consultation] and prepare to reimagine your future.

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